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Aztec Fluids & Machinery Limited

Aztec Fluids & Machinery Limited

Aztec Fluids & Machinery Limited is a leading name in the field of industrial inkjet technolog

About Company

Aztec Fluids & Machinery Limited: Pioneering Industrial Inkjet Solutions

Aztec Fluids & Machinery Limited, established in 2010, has carved a niche for itself as a premier manufacturer, exporter, supplier, distributor, wholesaler, trader, and importer of a diverse range of CIJ Inks Filters, Printer and Spares. With a focus on the pharmaceutical industry, garden pipe, PVC pipe, and profile printing, the company has demonstrated a commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of industrial inkjet technology.

The company's product line is extensive, including Inkjet Printer CIJ Consumables, CIJ Fluids, and CIJ Inks Filters, which are highly sought after in the market for their superior performance and longevity. The use of high-grade raw materials combined with modern manufacturing techniques ensures that Aztec's products meet the highest industry standards.

Aztec's dedication to quality is matched by its commitment to customer service, offering commendable maintenance services at competitive rates. The company's infrastructural facility is regularly upgraded, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of technology and efficiency. This commitment to continuous improvement has helped Aztec maintain its reputation in the market as a reliable and innovative company.

The team at Aztec Fluids & Machinery Limited comprises highly skilled professionals, including technocrats, quality auditors, consultants, sales and marketing executives, procurement agents, and logistics personnel. Working in a cohesive and dedicated manner, these individuals are the driving force behind the company's success, helping to maximize production capacity and achieve organizational objectives.

Aztec's ethical and transparent business practices have not only garnered a vast client base but also positioned the company as a leader in its domain. With a legal status of a Limited Company (Ltd./Pvt.Ltd.) and an impressive annual turnover, Aztec is a testament to the potential of Indian manufacturing on the global stage.

In recent developments, Aztec Fluids & Machinery Limited has announced its Initial Public Offering (IPO), set to open for subscription in May 2024. This move marks a significant milestone for the company, reflecting its growth trajectory and the confidence of its management in its future prospects. The IPO is entirely a fresh issue of 36 lakh shares, with the price band set at ₹63 to ₹67 per share.

Aztec's journey from its inception to its upcoming IPO is a story of relentless pursuit of excellence and a deep understanding of customer needs. As the company prepares to enter a new chapter, it stands as a shining example of the prowess of Indian entrepreneurship and the country's burgeoning industrial sector.

Aztec Fluids & Machinery Limited

Company Financials

Aztec Fluids & Machinery Limited

IPO Timeline (Tentative Timetable)

The Journey of Aztec Fluids & Machinery Limited's IPO: A Detailed Timeline

IPO Announcement and Issue Open Date

The buzz around Aztec Fluids & Machinery Limited's IPO began with the announcement of the issue open date. The company declared that the IPO would open for subscription on May 10, 2024. 

Price Band and Lot Size Determination

Prior to the opening date, the company, along with its book running lead managers, determined the price band of the IPO to be set at INR 63 to INR 67 per share. The lot size for the IPO was fixed at 2000 shares, making the minimum investment amount for retail investors INR 134,000.

Subscription Period

The subscription period for the IPO was from May 10, 2024, to May 14, 2024. During this time, investors had the opportunity to bid for the shares of Aztec Fluids & Machinery Limited. The IPO garnered significant interest across various investor categories.

Allotment and Refunds

Following the closure of the subscription period, the allotment process will be finalized on May 15, 2024. In case of oversubscription, the refunds will be initiated on May 16, 2024.

Credit of Shares and Listing Date

The shares will be credited to the successful bidders' Demat accounts on May 16, 2024.

Aztec Fluids & Machinery Limited

IPO Details

Competitive Strength

Aztec Fluids & Machinery Limited: A Detailed Analysis of Competitive Strengths

Aztec Fluids & Machinery Limited (AFML) has established itself as a formidable player in the coding and marking solutions industry. With a diverse product portfolio and a strategic partnership with Lead Tech (Zhuhai) Electronic Co. Ltd., AFML has carved out a competitive edge in a highly fragmented market. This blog post delves into the competitive strengths that position AFML as a leader in its field.

Diverse Product Range

AFML's product range is extensive, including continuous inkjet printers (CIJ), Thermal Transfer Over printers (TTO), Drop on demand printers (DOD), piezoelectric printers (NIJ), and laser printers. This variety allows AFML to cater to a wide array of industries, from personal care to petrochemicals, ensuring that they can meet the varied needs of their customers.

Innovative Solutions

Innovation is at the heart of AFML's operations. The company holds two registered patents on cartridge design, which are crucial to the functionality of their printers. These cartridges, embedded with a PCB chipset, help protect against counterfeit products, showcasing AFML's commitment to quality and security.

Strategic Partnerships

AFML's exclusive distributorship with Lead Tech for various countries, including India and parts of Africa, provides them with a competitive advantage in terms of market reach and product availability. This partnership underscores AFML's strategic approach to global expansion and customer service.

Manufacturing Excellence

With a manufacturing setup in Vatva, Ahmedabad, AFML produces printer consumable items and inks, demonstrating their commitment to controlling the quality of their products. Their ability to manufacture inks in a diverse range of colors and for specific requirements speaks to their flexibility and customer-centric approach.

Strong Customer Relationships

AFML boasts a well-diversified customer base spread across various industries and geographies. Their long-standing relationships with customers are a testament to their reliability and the trust they have built over the years. This strength is pivotal in ensuring repeat business and a stable revenue stream.

Experienced Management

The company benefits from experienced promoters and a strong management team with deep domain knowledge. This expertise allows AFML to navigate the complexities of the industry and maintain a clear strategic direction.

Financial Stability

AFML has shown steady growth in its top and bottom lines, indicating financial stability and the potential for continued success. Their recent IPO, which was fully priced based on FY24 super annualized earnings, reflects investor confidence in the company's financial health and future prospects.


Aztec Fluids & Machinery Limited stands out in the competitive landscape of coding and marking solutions due to its diverse product range, innovative solutions, strategic partnerships, manufacturing excellence, strong customer relationships, experienced management, and financial stability. These strengths not only differentiate AFML from its competitors but also position it for sustained growth and success in the future.

Company's Past Financial Performance

Aztec Fluids & Machinery Limited: A Comprehensive Financial Performance Review

Aztec Fluids & Machinery Limited, a company that has carved a niche for itself in the manufacturing of chemical products, has shown a remarkable financial performance over the past years. This blog post delves into the detailed financial performance of the company, focusing on its revenue and profit margins.

Revenue Growth: A Steady Upward Trajectory

Aztec Fluids & Machinery Limited has demonstrated a consistent increase in revenue, marking a significant growth trajectory. For the financial year ending on 31 March 2021, the company reported a revenue turnover in the range of INR 1 crore to 100 crores. This substantial revenue bracket underscores the company's ability to generate sales and maintain a steady cash flow.

Profitability: EBITDA and Net Worth

The company's EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) has seen an impressive increase of 61.74%[^1]. This metric is crucial as it provides insights into the company's operational profitability before non-operating expenses and capital structure impacts. Furthermore, the net worth of Aztec Fluids & Machinery Limited has increased by 35.16%, indicating a robust financial position and a strong balance sheet.

Asset and Liability Management

Aztec Fluids & Machinery Limited's total assets have grown by 12.23%, suggesting effective asset management and investment strategies. Concurrently, the company's liabilities have increased by a modest 4.34%, which is a positive sign as it indicates controlled borrowing and a prudent approach to leveraging.

IPO: A New Chapter in Financial Milestones

The company recently embarked on a new financial journey with its Initial Public Offering (IPO). The IPO was fully booked within a few hours of opening, with the retail portion witnessing huge demand[^2]. The price band for the IPO was set at ₹63 to ₹67 per share, reflecting investor confidence and market valuation of the company's financial health.

Year-on-Year Performance: PAT and Sales Growth

From 31 March 2022 to 31 March 2023, Aztec Fluids & Machinery Limited's Profit After Tax (PAT) climbed by 5.18%, while its sales increased by 17.46%. These figures are indicative of the company's ability to not only increase its revenue but also to manage its expenses effectively, resulting in a healthy bottom line.

Conclusion: A Financially Sound Entity

The financial performance of Aztec Fluids & Machinery Limited paints a picture of a company that is not only growing in terms of revenue but is also managing its profitability, assets, and liabilities with commendable efficiency. The successful IPO adds another feather to its cap, showcasing the market's trust in its financial stability and growth prospects.

For those interested in a more granular analysis, detailed financial reports and ratio analyses are available, which provide deeper insights into the company's financial nuances.

Aztec Fluids & Machinery Limited's financial journey is a testament to its strategic planning and operational excellence. As the company continues to expand its horizons, it remains a significant player in its industry, with a financial record that speaks volumes of its success.

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