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Life Insurance Corporation IPO - All You Need To Know

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Company Profile

  • LIC' IPO is India’s biggest-ever IPO and the fourth-biggest IPO of any insurer globally. 

  • Government of India is the only shareholder in the company at present.

  • It is estimated that LIC will be second largest listed company in India upon its listing displacing TCS, and second only to Reliance..

  • LIC is the market leader in the life insurance sector.

  • LIC was incorporated in 1956.

  • LIC is governed by the government through LIC Act of 1956. 

  • LIC owns stake in multiple listed companies it is estimated that it owns holdings in value are equal to 4% of the entire market capitalization of all of the listed companies in India. 

  • LIC is worlds 4th largest insurer. 


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