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SBI Flexipay Home Loan

SBI Flexipay Home Loan
Let your current income not stop you from owning your dream home.
SBI Flexipay Home loan provides an eligibility for a higher loan amount exclusively for the salaried borrowers. It offers customer the option to pay only interest during the moratorium (pre-EMI) period, and thereafter, pay moderated EMIs. The EMIs will be stepped-up during the subsequent years. This variant of SBI home loan is very useful for young earners. The SBI Flexipay home loan has the potential to lure a large section of home loan buyer towards SBI.
  • Low Interest Rates 

  • Low Processing Fee

  • No Hidden Charges 

  • No Pre Payment Penalty 

  • 20% higher home loan eligibility 

  • Interest charges on Daily Reducing Balance 

  • Repayment up to 30 years 

  • Interest Concession for Women Borrowers

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