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Healthcare Discount Cards

Digitalized Health EMI Network Card introduced by Bajaj Finance Ltd. - the investing and lending arm of Bajaj Finserv is a gamechanger in the affordable healthcare domain. As the cost related to healthcare services continues to rise in India, there has always been a dire need to make healthcare finance hassle-free and feasible. Now that Bajaj Finance Limited has launched digital health card, it will not take much time for middle class individuals to extract the best out of it.

A multitude of benefits is imparted by this dynamic card, emphasizing the uncomplicated conversion of medical expenses into no-cost EMIs. Paperwork has always been a tedious experience for most people aiming to avail any service. A prominent benefit of this card is Zero documentation.

Moreover, within a single click, it gets activated and provides up to Rs. 4 Lakhs as financing. From surgery to diagnosis, from specialized treatments to pandemic treatments, efforts have been made to make this card utmost functional. This card is made accessible over the dynamic Bajaj Finserv Wallet app, and therefore, users can access it with the help of their mobile itself. To unlock the utility offered by the card, a cardholder simply requires integrating a mobile number, verifying the OTP and paying the one-time registration fees of INR 707.

Only 1 player in the market: Bajaj (part of the Bajaj Group)

As of date Bajaj Finance Limited is the only player in the finance market offer a digital healthcare card. Bajaj Finance Limited is a leading corporation of the Bajaj Finserv group, it is a diversified NBFCs operating in the Indian market. It cater to approximately over 36 million customers across the nation.

Who can avail this card?

The criteria related to the eligibility that need to be fulfilled by an individual who wish to avail the services offered by this card. This card is only available to those users who have a 750 and above CIBIL score, are salaried or self-employed, and fulfilling the minimum age criteria. As far as the New Bajaj Finserv users are concerned, they are required to upload the NACH mandate and KYC documents at any of the enlisted clinics and hospitals to avail the benefits offered by this card.

Benefits of the Card

1. Easy Activation

To instantly activate this digital health card, a user simply requires an online application and requires entering the registered mobile number. After the OTP verification, pre-approved offers can be viewed, and the moment, a one-time fee is paid, the card gets activated instantly.

2. Hassle-free EMI payment plans

If there are multiple medical bills, this card does a brilliant job to split them into No Cost EMIs, aiming for the gradual repayment as per the convenience of the cardholder over the tenure of up to 24 months.

3. Addresses the medical need of the entire family

What makes this card, more appealing, is that one single card can be used for multiple members of the family across cities. That is how it becomes a valuable instrument meant to address the medical needs related to the entire family, embracing the needs of a spouse, parents, siblings, and of course, children.

4. Versatility

In addition to any general surgery, a few specialized treatments that are offered by these medical brands include diagnostic care, stem-cell treatments, orthopedics treatments, bariatric surgery, cardiac surgery, homeopathy treatments, opthalmology treatments, urology treatments, maternity care, ENT treatments, oncology treatment, hair transplantation, slimming services, cosmetic treatments, and many more. Even urgent medical needs, too, are catered to by this exclusive Digital Health EMI Network Card.

5. Resourcefulness

As far as the resourcefulness of this card is concerned, there are approximately 5,500 listed lifecare partners spanned across 1,000 Indian cities. More than 800 treatments have been covered under this card, and that indeed, makes medical services more accessible than ever. A few prominent names involved are Apollo Hospitals, Dr Batra's, VLCC centres, Manipal Hospitals, Columbia Asia Hospitals, Sahyadri Hospitals, and Ruby Hall Clinic.

6. Complimentary offerings and discounts

Customers also become eligible for complimentary insurance of Rs. 1 lakh, related to personal accident, with a validity of 1 year on purchasing this card. It is also possible for the users of this card to avail discounts offered by varied medical brands on their products and services.

Why should one avail it during the current pandemic?

The current pandemic is crisis of unimaginable scale. This healthcare card offering by Bajaj Finance Limited will be a blessing for millions of Indian, the card is competent in addressing any urgent medical emergency. This resourceful card can be swiped at any state or city in India, no matter from which city or state you have got this card. Be it multispecialty hospitals, hair restoration clinics, dental care clinics, pharmacies, slimming and wellness centres, diagnostic care centres, stem cell institutes, a user can easily access this card through using the Bajaj Finserv Wallet app, thereby, making it a must-have.

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