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NFT platforms in India and abroad

Our perceptions of the world around us are increasingly being transformed by the blockchain sector. The digital mantle has now been taken up by both art and artists. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the newest addition to the blockchain asset category, backed by celebrities and coveted by investors alike.

Making NFTs out of any digital asset is the latest trend. Different blockchains may be used to create NFTs that can subsequently be sold on any marketplace. When these NFTs go live, they can only be purchased using the blockchain's native tokens. Once they've generated buzz and interest, these NFTs, which are often based on unique and fascinating ventures, may be sold for a healthy profit.

By 2022, India's most important NFT markets will include:


People may now sell their NFTs on Wazirx's new NFT marketplace. Wazirx was previously endorsed as a cryptocurrency exchange.

After the debut of Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan's NFTs, the first platform that offered NFTs to Indians came to light.

Always First:

In this marketplace, NFTs were introduced that described the spectacular career and life of Sunil Gavaskar. It is a departure from other NFTs in that it depicts the life of Gavaskar.


Celebrities are preparing to launch their NFTs at an alarming rate. Salman Khan and Sonu Sood are just two of the prominent names that have used the Bollycoin NFT marketplace to establish their own NFT currencies.


In the wake of the NFT frenzy, cricketers are now taking use of it by introducing their own NFT tokens. NFTs may be launched through RARIO's marketplace by cricketers all over the world.

It's more beneficial to learn about worldwide platforms that enable you to invest and participate in NFTs than our own domestic platforms.

NFT Stars:

Those looking to purchase NFTs based on the AVAX and Ethereum blockchains will find a home at NFT Stars. It is possible to purchase some of the greatest digital art and paintings on the market If you're interested in launching your own NFT market, this platform offers a white labelling solution.


NFT marketplace and retail platform Blockparty is widely used by artists (individual and corporates). This platform is popular by both buyers and sellers because of its user-friendly interface and wide range of purchasing and selling options. It doesn't matter if you're a digital artist or if you're just interested in buying and selling NFTs.


You should use VeVE if you're concerned about your brand's image. One of the finest NFT collection launches was hosted by VeVe, an application-based NFT marketplace where the best companies present their digital collections.


Innovators may present their NFT concepts to the community. Donations to the crowdfunding accounts of these artists in turn support their work. Once the funds have been raised, the developers will turn their attention to the development of the NFTs. Using this platform, you may share your digital artworks with the world and receive exposure for your work.


Similar to OpenSea, SolSea is a Solana-based marketplace This page is for those who are interested in investing in NFTs that are housed on the Solana blockchain because of its speed and low costs. NFTs created on this platform can include copyright licences embedded in them.

WazirX NFT:

Trading in NFT on WazirX, a well-known Indian cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform aims to make it easier for Indians interested in NFT to acquire or dispose of their holdings.

Blockchains and cryptocurrencies are a common theme in most NFTs. By staking your cryptocurrency, this platform offers a unique card that works like a credit or debit card. An international audience may easily locate amazing projects, purchase them, and save them thanks to one of the early NFT markets.


Ethereum-based NFTs may be sold on the OpenSea NFT marketplace, which is the largest of its kind in the world.

NFTs have become a popular investment vehicle because of their high returns. NFT investments can be made on any of our platforms if you're interested in diversifying your portfolio.

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