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Purpose and Importance of Virtual Credit Card

A virtual credit card is an add-on VISA credit card that is issued on a user's principal credit card, unlike regular credit cards.

A virtual credit card, as the name implies, is completely virtual and cannot be physically held.

Users can only use the virtual card online, which means that all credit card information, including the card number, expiration date, CVV, and other information, is viewable online.

In simple terms, a virtual credit card is a one-time credit card number that may be used for online buying. These card numbers are temporary and are used to safeguard the users' real credit card accounts from fraud. If you spot any fraudulent activity on your credit card, you'll want to know how to ban and/or unblock it.

The Benefits of Using a Virtual Credit Card

A virtual credit card includes the following features in addition to being actually virtual:

  • Through an unsecured network connection, virtual credit cards safeguard you from any data intrusion.

  • These credit cards assist consumers in protecting their online identities.

  • The bank's internet banking service can be used to establish a virtual credit card.

  • To obtain a virtual credit card, you do not need to make any further payments.

  • Credit card companies do not have to physically issue virtual credit cards.

  • To transact with a virtual credit card, all you need is your phone.

  • Virtual credit cards are only good for one transaction and are only valid for 48 hours.

  • It's worth noting that virtual credit cards are only available to primary cardholders.

Virtual Credit Cards Have a Lot of Advantages

Virtual credit cards have a number of advantages. The following are a few of them:

  • Virtual credit cards are safer than traditional credit cards since they do not reveal your personal information to the merchant.

  • Non-credit card holders can also receive virtual credit cards by contacting their banks and requesting them.

  • Customers can use these credit cards to make online purchases more easily.

  • Users can promptly obtain their virtual credit cards because they are given online.

  • Cardholders can also immediately stop their virtual credit cards if they feel their cards are being used fraudulently.

  • If your virtual credit card expires and you have unused credit limit on your card, it will be transferred to your actual credit card, ensuring that your credit card limit is fully utilised.

  • Virtual credit cards are provided free of charge by banks and credit card issuers.

  • Virtual credit cards can be used for all types of transactions, both domestic and foreign.

Is it safe to use virtual credit cards?

The following are some of the reasons why using a virtual credit card is completely safe:

  • Because virtual credit cards are only used for a few transactions and then discarded, they add an extra layer of protection.

  • If your virtual credit card information enters into the hands of a scammer, you can simply cancel that virtual card without closing your entire credit card account.

  • A virtual credit card may be created for a single use only in some cases. If a fraudster gets the credentials of your virtual credit card through a data breach or an insecure internet connection, the card will become invalid automatically.

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