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Product Details
Brokerage and Fees
  • Charges: INR 0 for account opening and maintaining. Brokerage Fee: INR 20 or 0.05% whichever is lower on equity delivery and equity intraday.

  • INR 20 flat charges on F&O trading. Pledging Charges: INR 0 for pledged order; INR 20 +GST is levied per request per scrip, as a charge for unpledging.

  • Depository Participant charges(sell order): Rs 13.5 + 18% GST per ISIN (company stock or ETF) per day, will be charged on selling, regardless of the quantity sold.

  • Payment gateway charges: Rs. 0. Securities Transaction Tax (STT): 0.1% of order amount in case of equity delivery and 0.025% of order amount in case of equity intraday.

  • Stamp duty charges: maximum 0.018% (but differs from one state to another).

  • SEBI charges: 0.0001% +18% GST is charged by SEBI(Securities and Exchange Board of India) for regulating the markets.

  • Auto square-off charges: Rs. 50 + 18% GST per position.

  • Auction: as per actual penalty levied by exchange.

  • Negative Groww balance: 0.045% per day, simple interest, compounded monthly.

  • Physical delivery of derivates: 0.05% of contract value.

  • Exchange transaction charges: BSE: 0.00345% of order amount and NSE: 0.00345% of order amount is applicable for both buy and sell orders.

Account Opening Fees


  • Any Indian resident can apply.

Annual Fees


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Special Features
  • Groww app offers speedy order placement with one click, secure trading using modern encryption techniques, and easy mutual fund investments without needing a separate login.


1. It does not offer currency and commodity trading. 

2. It does not offer SIP feature on stocks. 

3. For customer support, you can reach out to them only via their number or email. They do not provide for chat system on their app.


1. It offers to invest in IPO, mutual fund and gold other than equity and F&O. 

2. It offers to invest in US stock market as well. This feature is only enabled on their website and one needs to have a seperate account . 

3. User interface is simple  

4. It offers various order types, for instance, limit order, market order, after market order and good till triggered order. 

5. Provides in-dept reviews of financial products on their website for users to make informed decision.

Pros and Cons
How to Apply?
  • You can open the account digitally using Groww app

Documents Required
  • Aadhaar and PAN for online account opening.

Account Opening and Procedures
Application Procedure

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Product Review
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