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Brokerage and Fees
  • Mutual Fund Investment Charges: INR 0.

  • Commission: INR 0.

  • Account Opening Charges: INR 0. 

Account Opening Fees



Be an Indian citizen. Be above 18 years of age. Have a bank account with an IFSC code.

Annual Fees


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Upstox Mutual Funds Investment App Review

Special Features
  • Zero commission fees: Upstox charges no commission fees for investing in direct mutual funds on their platform. This translates to potentially higher returns for you compared to regular plans with distributor fees.

  • Limited research tools: Compared to some established brokers, Upstox's research capabilities might be limited. You might need to conduct additional research elsewhere to make informed investment decisions.

  • Limited Physical Presence. 

  • Direct mutual funds: Upstox offers a platform specifically for investing in direct mutual funds, allowing you to benefit from lower expense ratios.

  • Wide range of options: They provide access to a vast selection of mutual funds from over 28 Asset Management Companies (AMCs). This offers you a good variety to choose from and cater to your investment goals.

  • User-friendly platform: Upstox's platform is known for its user-friendliness, making it easy to browse different schemes, compare them, and invest seamlessly.

  • SIP (Systematic Investment Plan): The platform facilitates setting up SIPs, allowing for disciplined and potentially cost-averaged investments.

Pros and Cons
How to Apply?

Opening an account with Upstox is a simple online process. Here are the steps involved:

  1. Visit the Upstox website: Go to the official Upstox website or download their mobile app.

  2. Start the account opening process: Click on the "Open Demat Account" or similar button.

  3. Enter your basic details: Provide your mobile number and email address. You'll receive an OTP for verification.

  4. Complete eKYC: Enter your PAN card details, Aadhaar number, and bank account information. Verify your Aadhaar using the OTP sent to your linked mobile number.

  5. Upload documents: Upload scanned copies or clear photographs of your PAN card, Aadhaar card, cancelled cheque/bank statement, and signature.

  6. Review and eSign: Review the terms and conditions, charges, and other details. Accept them and eSign the application using Aadhaar OTP.

Your account will be opened within a few hours after completing these steps. You'll receive a confirmation email and SMS with your account details.

Documents Required

Aadhaar and PAN for online account opening.

Account Opening and Procedures
Upstox Mutual Funds Investment App Review

Upstox can be a compelling platform for investors seeking a user-friendly experience with zero commission fees and access to a broad range of direct mutual funds. The ability to start with any amount can be particularly attractive for beginners. However, if you require in-depth research tools or professional investment advice, you might need to consider other options alongside Upstox.

Abhijeet Saxena

Abhijeet Saxena

Abhijeet Saxena

Nalsar University of Law

Ex- Senior Associate, Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas, Delhi

Ex - Khaitan & Co. Bengaluru,

Ex - National Stock Exchange, Mumbai,

Ex - Argus Partners, Mumbai

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