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This Travel Credit Card In India Is Offering Unlimited Airport Lounge Visits

Scapia Federal Bank Credit Card: Your Passport to a Rewarding Travel Odyssey

For avid travelers, every swipe of a credit card holds the potential to fuel future adventures. The Scapia Federal Bank Credit Card aims to make that potential a reality, transforming everyday expenses into exciting travel experiences. This lifetime-free card packs a punch with its unique rewards program, enticing features, and a focus on hassle-free travel booking. Dive deep with us as we unpack the wonders of the Scapia card and see if it fits your wanderlust itinerary.

Earning Scapia Coins: Every Swipe Takes You Further

Unlike traditional miles or points, Scapia rewards you with "Scapia Coins" on every transaction. No matter what you buy, from groceries to gas, you'll see those coins piling up in your digital wallet. But the real excitement unfolds when you amplify your earnings through travel bookings.

  • Double Scapia Coins: Book flights, hotels, or homestays directly through the Scapia app and double your coin haul.

  • Triple Scapia Coins: During special offers and promotions, you can potentially triple your reward on travel bookings, propelling your travel dreams further.

The Power of Scapia Coins: Redeem Your Way to Adventure

With a healthy stash of Scapia Coins, the world becomes your oyster. Here's how you can redeem them for maximum travel satisfaction:

  • Book flights across all global airlines. No limitations, no blackout dates, just pure flexibility.

  • Choose from over 5 lakh hotels, resorts, and homestays around the world. Whether you crave a luxurious resort escape or a charming homestay experience, Scapia unlocks the doors.

  • Enjoy instant redemption. No waiting, no complicated procedures. Use your coins directly within the app to book your next adventure.

Beyond Coins: Perks That Elevate Your Journey

The Scapia card doesn't stop at rewards. It pampers you with additional features that smooth out your travel experience:

  • Zero forex markup fees: Save on international transactions and avoid hidden charges. Let your travel budget breathe a sigh of relief.

  • Unlimited domestic lounge access: With a minimum monthly spend of ₹5,000, unwind in airport lounges across India. No more rushed boarding delays!

  • Super smooth onboarding: Ditch the paperwork. Apply and get approved entirely through the Scapia app, receiving your virtual card instantly and the physical one within days.

Is the Scapia Federal Bank Credit Card Right for You?

If you're a frequent traveler who values flexibility, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness, the Scapia card is a strong contender. Here's a quick breakdown:


  • Lifetime-free with no annual fees

  • Earn Scapia Coins on every transaction, amplified on travel bookings

  • Redeem coins for flights, hotels, and homestays across the globe

  • Zero forex markup fees for international transactions

  • Unlimited domestic lounge access

  • Easy and digital onboarding process


  • No traditional miles or points program

  • Scapia Coins cannot be redeemed for merchandise or other non-travel rewards

  • International transactions don't earn Scapia Coins

The Verdict: A Rewarding Gateway for Travel Enthusiasts

The Scapia Federal Bank Credit Card isn't just a plastic rectangle; it's a travel companion disguised in everyday spending. Its focus on rewarding every travel spend, coupled with convenient features and zero hidden fees, makes it a compelling choice for frequent travelers on a budget. If you're looking to turn your daily transactions into wanderlust fuel, the Scapia card could be your perfect travel partner.

Remember, every swipe opens a door to your next adventure. So, pack your bags, download the Scapia app, and embark on a rewarding travel odyssey with the Federal Bank Scapia Credit Card.

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