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Product Details
Bank Name

Karur Vysya Bank Limited

Account Name

KVB Jumbo Kids Savings Account For Kids account is a special account designed to meet the needs of children.

Account Type

Savings Account

Interest Rate

Balance up to Rs.5 Lakh-2.25%. Balance above Rs.5 Lakh up to Rs.10 Lakh-2.50%. Balance above Rs.10 Lakh to less than Rs. 1 Crore-3.00%.

Free Debit Card


Jumbo Savings for Kids
Account Opening Fees


Annual Maintenance Fees


Minimum Account Balance


Debit Card Charges


NEFT Charges

Free if done through net banking/mobile banking.

IMPS Charges

Free - Up to INR 1,000/-. Beyond INR 1,000: INR 5.

Fees and Charges
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Jumbo Savings for Kids

Special Features

No minimum balance requirement. 

Eligibility Criteria

There are two KVB Jumbo savings accounts offered by Karur Vysya Bank, each with its own eligibility criteria:

1. KVB Jumbo Savings for Kids:

  • This account is specifically designed for children up to 12 years of age.

  • The account can be opened in the name of the child with a natural guardian (parent or legal guardian) as the authorized signatory.

  • There are no minimum balance requirements for this account.

  • The account is completely free, with no charges for opening, maintaining, or transactions.

2. KVB Jumbo Savings:

  • This account is open to everyone, regardless of age.

  • There is no minimum balance requirement for this account.

  • However, if the monthly average balance falls below Rs. 2,000, a penalty of Rs. 100 will be levied.

  • There are also charges for certain transactions, such as ATM withdrawals (beyond 5 free transactions per month) and cheque issuance.

Features, Eligibility and Benefits
Pros & Cons
  • Account can be opened for kids upto 12 years.

  • No minimum balance requirement.

  • Free Debit card facilities.

  • Free attractive Jumbo Doll.

  • No premium value add feature provided with this account. 

  • Low interest rate.

  • Limited branch network.

  • Limited number of ATMs.

Application Procedure

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Product Review
Account Opening and Procedure
How to open an Account?

There are two ways to open a KVB Jumbo Savings account, depending on your preference:

1. Online:

  • Visit the KVB website:

  • Go to the "Personal" section and choose "Accounts" then "Savings Accounts".

  • Select the "KVB Jumbo Savings" or "KVB Jumbo Savings for Kids" option, depending on your need.

  • Click on "Open Now" and fill in the online application form.

  • You will need to provide details like your name, date of birth, contact information, PAN number, and KYC documents.

  • Once submitted, you will receive a reference number and further instructions via email.

  • Upon completion of KYC verification (which might involve a video call), your account will be activated.

2. At a Branch:

  • Locate your nearest KVB branch using the branch locator on the KVB website:

  • Visit the branch with your KYC documents (proof of identity and address).

  • Inform a bank representative that you want to open a KVB Jumbo Savings account.

  • They will assist you with filling out the physical application form and guide you through the required paperwork.

  • KYC verification might happen at the branch or through a video call later.

  • Once all steps are completed, your account will be activated.

Application Procedure
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