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Top 5 Best Travel Credit Cards

Travel credit cards are a type of credit card that offer rewards and benefits for travelers. They work by giving you points, miles, or cash back for every purchase you make, especially on travel-related expenses. You can then redeem these rewards for flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, and more. Some travel credit cards also offer perks such as free checked bags, airport lounge access, travel insurance, and foreign transaction fee waivers. In this post, we will review the top 5 best travel credit cards.

List of 5 Best Travel Credit Cards-



The Scapia Federal Bank Credit Card is a co-branded travel credit card issued in partnership with Scapia Technology Pvt. Ltd. The Scapia Federal Bank Credit Card is a fantastic option for budget-minded travelers who prioritize value and convenience. Its lifetime free membership, zero forex markup, and Scapia Coin rewards make it a compelling choice for frequent domestic and international travelers. However, if you're looking for premium rewards or extensive redemption options, you might want to consider other cards with higher earning rates and broader reward programs.

  • Joining Fees: NIL (Lifetime Free Card)

  • International Forex Mark-up: 0%

  • Interest Rate: 41.88% (3.49% per month)

  • Welcome Benefit: None

  • Rewards: 10% Scapia coins on all your normal purchases and 20% Scapia coins on all travel purchases through the Scapia app.

  • Special Feature: Unlimited domestic lounge visits.



HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card is one of the best premium credit cards in India. It offers unlimited lounge access, complimentary golf lessons, travel insurance, and discounts on dining and shopping. The card also has a low foreign currency markup fee of 2% and a high reward rate of 3.3%. The card is ideal for frequent travelers and high spenders who want to enjoy exclusive benefits and privileges.

  • Joining and Annual Fees: INR 12,500

  • International Forex Mark-up: 2%

  • Interest Rate: 1.99% per month i.e. 23.88% annually.

  • Welcome Benefit: Complimentary Club Marriott membership to 50 days of interest-free period on your HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card from the date of purchase.

  • Rewards: Earn 5 Reward Points on every Rs.150 retail spends   

  • Special Feature: Unlimited Complimentary golf games at leading courses across India and select courses across the world.



The Axis Bank Reserve Credit Card is a behemoth in the Indian premium credit card market, oozing exclusivity and extravagance. The Axis Bank Reserve Credit Card is an undeniable champion for affluent travelers and luxury enthusiasts. Its reward rates, airport privileges, and lifestyle benefits are unparalleled in India. However, the hefty annual fee makes it suitable only for those who can truly maximize its offerings. If you're a high-flyer chasing top-tier travel rewards and exclusive experiences, the Reserve card lives up to its name. But for less frequent travelers or those seeking broader reward options, less expensive premium cards might offer better value.

  • Joining and Annual Fees: INR 50,000

  • International Forex Mark-up: 1.5%

  • Interest Rate: 3.0% per month (42.58%  per annum).

  • Welcome Benefit: 50000 reward points on card activation. 

  • Rewards: You get 7.5 reward points of every INR 100 spent.

  • Special Feature: Complimentary Club ITC Culinary Membership - which entails complimentary and third night stay, 50% off on room tariff for suites, 25% green points on food and beverage spends.



AXIS BANK MAGNUS BURGUNDY CREDIT CARD is a premium credit card that offers exclusive benefits and privileges to its customers. The Axis Bank Magnus Burgundy, the self-proclaimed "king of rewards cards," promises unmatched rewards, luxury privileges, and an exclusive club feel. Its strong reward rates, lounge access, and Burgundy Club benefits offer undeniable value. However, the high minimum spends, annual fee, and service inconsistencies might deter casual users. Consider your spending habits and travel frequency before committing to this royal court.

  • Joining Annual Fees: Rs 10,000 + taxes.

  • International Forex Mark-up: 2%

  • Interest Rate: 3 % per month (42.58% per annum).

  • Welcome Benefit: One complimentary domestic flight ticket or a Tata CLiQ voucher worth Rs.10000 as your annual benefit.

  • Rewards: You earn 6 Axis EDGE REWARDS Points on every INR 100.

  • Special Feature: Airport Concierge Services across 29 cities. 



The RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card roars onto the scene, promising adventure-filled perks for globetrotters. The RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card caters to budget-conscious travel enthusiasts who primarily focus on domestic and regional trips. The zero forex markup, welcome gift, and travel points offer practical value, while the lounge access adds a touch of luxury. However, international travelers, luxury seekers, and those seeking broader redemption options might find better value elsewhere.

  • Joining Fees: NIL for primary cardholders.

  • Annual Fees: Rs 3000 for primary cardholder.

  • International Forex Mark-up: 0%

  • Interest Rate: 3.99% p.m (upto 47.88% p.a)

  • Welcome Benefit: MakeMyTrip Voucher worth Rs. 3000.

  • Rewards: Get 5 points on every travel spend of INR 100.

  • Special Feature: Free Priority Pass membership. This gives you access to over 1,300 airport lounges worldwide. 



Best travel cards are a convenient and cost-effective way to pay for your expenses when you travel abroad. They offer benefits such as low or no foreign transaction fees, rewards points, cash back, and travel insurance. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose from a variety of best travel cards that suit your budget and lifestyle.

How should you select a travel credit card? There are several factors to consider, such as:


  • Your travel goals and preferences: Do you prefer a specific airline or hotel chain? Do you travel domestically or internationally? Do you want flexibility or simplicity in your rewards program?

  • Your spending habits: How much do you spend on your credit card every month? How much of that is on travel? Do you pay your balance in full every month or carry a debt?

  • Your credit score: What is your credit score and history? Do you qualify for the best travel credit cards or do you need to improve your credit first?

  • The fees and interest rates: How much are the annual fees, foreign transaction fees and interest rates of the travel credit cards you are considering? Do the rewards and benefits outweigh the costs?


By comparing these factors, you can find the best travel credit card for your needs and enjoy the perks of traveling with rewards.


1.      What is a travel credit card? 

A travel credit card is a type of credit card that offers rewards and benefits specifically tailored to travelers. These rewards can include points or miles that can be redeemed for flights, hotel stays, car rentals, and other travel-related expenses.

2.      What are the benefits of a travel credit card? 

Travel credit cards offer a variety of benefits, including rewards for travel-related purchases, travel insurance coverage, and perks such as airport lounge access and free checked bags.

3.      What factors should I consider when choosing a travel credit card? 

Some important factors to consider when choosing a travel credit card include the rewards offered, fees and costs associated with the card, travel insurance coverage, ease of use and flexibility, interest rates, sign-up bonuses, rewards earning potential, and benefits and perks.

4.      What types of rewards do travel credit cards offer? 

Travel credit cards can offer a variety of rewards, including points or miles that can be redeemed for flights, hotel stays, car rentals, and other travel-related expenses. Some cards also offer cash back or statement credits.

5.      What fees are associated with travel credit cards? 

Travel credit cards can come with a variety of fees, including annual fees, foreign transaction fees, balance transfer fees, and late payment fees. It’s important to carefully review the fees associated with each card before making a decision.

6.      What is travel insurance coverage? 

Travel insurance coverage is a type of insurance that provides protection against unexpected events that can occur while traveling, such as trip cancellations, lost luggage, and medical emergencies.

7.      What is the earning potential of a travel credit card? 

The earning potential of a travel credit card depends on the rewards program structure and your spending habits. Some cards offer higher rewards rates for certain categories of spending, while others offer a flat rate for all purchases.

8.      What are sign-up bonuses? 

Sign-up bonuses are rewards offered by credit card companies to new cardholders who meet certain spending requirements within a specified time period. These bonuses can include points, miles, or cash back.

9.      What are the benefits and perks of travel credit cards? 

Travel credit cards can offer a variety of benefits and perks, including airport lounge access, elite status with hotels or airlines, free checked bags, and more.

10.   How do I choose the best travel credit card for me? 

To choose the best travel credit card for your needs, it’s important to carefully evaluate each of the factors mentioned above and choose a card that aligns with your travel and spending habits. You may also want to consider seeking advice from a financial advisor or credit card expert.



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