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Best Credit Cards For Freshers- Top 5 Credit Cards For Freshers

Top 5 Credit Cards for Freshers: Best Credit Cards

Embarking on your professional journey or stepping into the realm of higher education marks an exciting chapter in your life. Alongside the thrill of newfound independence comes the responsibility of managing finances effectively. In today's world, where financial transactions are increasingly digitized, having the right credit card tailored to your needs is essential.

For freshers entering the workforce or starting their academic endeavors, selecting the right credit card can be daunting amidst a sea of options. From rewards programs to interest rates, the considerations are manifold. That's why we've curated a comprehensive guide to the top 5 credit cards specifically tailored for freshers.

In this blog post, we'll navigate through the intricacies of credit card offerings, highlighting the ones that offer the best value and perks for individuals who are new to the world of credit. Whether you're looking to build your credit history, earn rewards on everyday purchases, or enjoy exclusive benefits, there's a credit card on this list to suit your needs.

Join us as we explore the top 5 credit cards that can empower freshers to take control of their finances, build responsible spending habits, and unlock a world of financial opportunities. From cashback rewards to travel perks, these credit cards are designed to accompany you on your journey towards financial success.


HDFC Swiggy Credit Card

  • Joining Fee / Renewal Membership Fee – ₹500 /- + Applicable Charges

  • Interest Rate: 3.6% per month (i.e., 43.2% per annum).

  • Welcome Benefit: Complimentary Swiggy One Membership for 3 months on card activation.

  • Rewards: Get flat 10% cashback on swiggy orders (food delivery, groceries, Dineout, Genie), capped at INR 1500 per month. Enjoy 5% cashback on online shopping across various categories like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, BookMyShow, etc., capped at INR 1500 per month.


The HDFC Swiggy Credit Card offers a range of benefits that can be particularly advantageous for freshers starting their professional journey. With this card, users can enjoy a 10% cashback on Swiggy for food ordering, Instamart, Dineout, and Genie services. Additionally, there is a 5% cashback on online spends across various stores and a 1% cashback on other categories, which can contribute to significant savings. The card also comes with a complimentary Swiggy One membership for the first three months upon activation, providing free deliveries and exclusive discounts on a variety of services. The card's cashback rewards are redeemable exclusively on the Swiggy Application as Swiggy Money, adding to the convenience for users who frequently use the app for their daily needs. For freshers who are likely to be more budget-conscious, these features can help manage expenses effectively while enjoying a range of services.


SBI Simply SAVE Credit Card

  • Annual Fee (one time): INR 499 + Taxes.

  • Interest Rate: 3.50% per month (42% per annum).

  • Welcome Benefit: Spend INR 2,000 or more in the first sixty days and get 2,000 reward points.

  • Reward: 10 points on spending of every INR 100 on Apollo 24x7/BookMyShow/ Cleartrip/ Dominos/ Myntra/ Netmeds/ Swiggy/ Yatra.


The SBI SimplySAVE Credit Card is designed to offer a multitude of benefits that cater specifically to the needs of freshers who are new to credit. With an accessible annual fee of Rs. 499, which can be reversed upon reaching an annual spend of Rs. 1,00,000, it presents an economical option for those starting their financial journey. Moreover, the SimplySAVE card amplifies everyday savings by offering 10 Reward Points per Rs. 150 spent on dining, movies, departmental stores, and grocery spends, which are common expenditure categories for freshers. These points can be redeemed against a wide array of gifts or used to pay off the outstanding credit card balance, making it a practical tool for managing finances. For freshers who are often on a tight budget, the SimplySAVE card's low minimum income requirement of Rs. 20,000 per month for salaried applicants makes it an attainable financial instrument. The application process is streamlined and digital, requiring no physical documentation and promising delivery of the card within just 7 days, which suits the fast-paced lifestyle of young professionals.


AU LIT Credit Card

  • Annual/joining fee: NIL

  • Interest Rate: 3.49% per month (41.88% annually)

  • Welcome Benefit: None

  • Rewards: 10X or 5X Reward Points on all online domestic & international retail transactions, and 10X or 5X Reward Points on all POS & Contactless offline domestic & international transactions.


The AU Small Finance Bank LIT Credit Card is a customizable credit card that offers a unique approach to personal finance. It's India's first such card that allows users to tailor their credit card features according to their lifestyle and preferences. With the LIT Credit Card, customers have the power to select and modify features, such as cashback options, reward points, and memberships, and even switch them on or off in real time. This card is designed to cater to the needs of Gen Z and Millennials, providing them with flexibility and control over their spending and rewards. The card is lifetime free, with optional feature pricing starting from Rs.49 to Rs.499, allowing cardholders to earn various rewards and cashback. Additionally, the card offers benefits like fuel surcharge waivers, milestone cashback, and airport lounge access, enhancing the overall user experience.


Axis Bank MyZone Credit Card

  • Joining fee: INR 500.

  • Interest Rate: 3.40% per month (49.36% per annum)

  • Welcome Benefit: Customers can get a SonyLiv premium annual subscription worth Rs. 999 on their first spend within 30 days of card issuance. 

  • Rewards: 25% cashback on online and box office movie ticket purchases all week (Max cashback capped at INR 1000 in a year), and a minimum of 15% off at partner restaurants in India.


The Axis Bank MyZone Credit Card is tailored to meet the needs of freshers who are stepping into the professional world and looking for a credit card that offers a blend of rewards, discounts, and lifestyle benefits. For freshers, managing finances can be a new challenge, and this card offers a practical solution with its reward points system and discounts on various services. With every Rs. 200 spent using the card, users can earn 4 EDGE REWARD points, which can be redeemed for a variety of rewards. Additionally, the card provides a 1% fuel surcharge waiver on fuel transactions across India, which is beneficial for those commuting to work or exploring the city. One of the standout features for freshers is the card's entertainment benefits. Users can enjoy a Buy One Get One Free offer on movie tickets through Paytm Movies, capped at a discount of Rs. 200 per month, which is a great way to unwind after a busy week at work. Moreover, the card offers a complimentary SonyLiv Premium annual subscription, allowing freshers to catch up on their favorite shows and movies. This benefit is particularly appealing as it comes at no extra cost with the first spend within 30 days of card issuance. Axis Bank MyZone Credit Card offers a comprehensive package of benefits that can help freshers navigate their new financial responsibilities with ease.


Kotak Myntra Credit Card

  • Joining and Annual Fees: INR 500

  • Interest Rate: 3.7% per month, 44.4% per year

  • Welcome Benefit: Kickstart Your Myntra x Kotak Credit Card Experience with a Myntra Voucher worth Rs.500 on activation of the card. Complete 1 transaction worth Rs. 500 or more within 30 days of card issuance to be eligible for the activation benefit

  • Rewards: Instant Discount of 7.5% on Myntra, and get Cashback of 5% on spends across the Partner category of Myntra and Kotak Bank.


The Kotak Myntra Credit Card emerges as a compelling financial tool for freshers beginning their professional journey. Tailored to meet the needs of young adults who are fashion-conscious and value-conscious, this card offers a plethora of benefits that align well with their lifestyle and spending habits. With an instant 7.5% discount on all purchases made on Myntra, cardholders can indulge in their love for fashion without the guilt of overspending. This feature is particularly beneficial for freshers who are looking to build a professional wardrobe on a budget. Additionally, the card provides a welcome benefit of a Myntra voucher worth Rs. 500 upon activation and completion of the first transaction over Rs. 500 within 30 days of card issuance, offering a head start on savings. Moreover, the card extends its benefits beyond just shopping on Myntra. Cardholders can enjoy 5% cashback on partner brands and 1.25% cashback on other spends, ensuring savings on a wide array of purchases. For freshers who may be starting to travel, whether for work or leisure, the card offers one complimentary domestic lounge access per quarter. This benefit can provide a serene space to relax or work during transit, enhancing the travel experience.



Navigating the world of credit cards as a fresher can be both exciting and overwhelming. However, armed with the right knowledge and information, you can make informed decisions that set you on the path to financial success. In this blog post, we've explored the top 5 credit cards tailored specifically for freshers, each offering unique benefits and features to suit different lifestyles and spending habits.

Whether you're looking to earn rewards on your everyday purchases, build your credit history responsibly, or enjoy exclusive perks and privileges, there's a credit card on this list that aligns with your needs and aspirations. From cashback offers to travel benefits and beyond, these credit cards are not just tools for financial transactions but also gateways to a world of opportunities.

As you embark on your journey towards financial independence, remember to use your credit card wisely, making timely payments and keeping your spending in check. By doing so, you'll not only build a strong credit profile but also lay the foundation for a secure and prosperous financial future.

So, whether you're stepping into your first job, starting your college journey, or simply seeking to enhance your financial literacy, choosing the right credit card is a crucial step towards achieving your goals. With the top 5 credit cards for freshers at your disposal, you're well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the financial landscape and embark on a path towards a brighter tomorrow.


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