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Can Rent Payments be made through Credit Cards?

Updated: Jan 18

List of charges for Rent Payment with Credit Cards:

Credit cards are a convenient and secure way to pay for various goods and services, but can they be used for paying rent? The answer depends on several factors, such as the landlord's or property manager's policies, the fees involved, and the benefits and drawbacks of using credit cards for rent payments. In this paragraph, we will explore some of these aspects and provide some tips on how to decide whether to use credit cards for rent or not.

If you choose to pay your rent through a credit card, you should be aware of the following charges. First, your credit card issuer may charge you a fee for using your card to pay rent, which can vary depending on the card and the amount. Second, your landlord may charge you a convenience fee for accepting credit card payments, which can range from 2% to 5% of the rent amount. Third, you may incur interest charges on your credit card balance if you do not pay it off in full every month, which can add up over time. Therefore, before you decide to pay your rent with a credit card, you should compare the costs and benefits of this option with other payment methods.

List of charges applicable for rent payments:

Issuer bank

Rent payment charges

Rewards on Rent


No charges for 1st transaction in a month, 1%+GST from 2nd transaction

1.25% for Zenith, 1 RP for others


No charges for 1st transaction in a month, 1%+GST from 2nd transaction

Only for Magnus, Reserve, Burgundy Private, Atlas and Vistara cards


Citi Prestige Credit Card, Citi Corporate Card, CitiBusiness IOC Credit Card, CitiBusiness Credit Card = NIL


Citi PremierMiles Credit Card, Citi Cash Back Credit Card, Citi Rewards Domestic Credit Card, Citi Rewards International Credit Card, First Citizen Citi Credit Card, IndianOil Citi Credit Card, IKEA Family Credit Card by Citi = 1% fee capped at ₹ 1,500 per transaction will be applicable on each rental transaction.


Regular rewards as per variant



Reduced rewards as per variant. Rent comes under special MCC.


No charges for 1st transaction in a month, 1%+GST from 2nd transaction




Regular rewards as per variant



Regular rewards as per variant


1% + GST fee on total transaction amount.

Reduced rewards at 3X RP


1% + GST fee on total transaction amount.

0.7% RP


1% + GST fee on total transaction amount.

Regular rewards as per variant


1%+GST (Only 1 transaction)

Regular rewards as per variant


Rs 199+GST

Regular rewards as per variant, No CB for Cashback



2% for Ultimate, Regular Rewards for other variants


0.75% of the transaction value from the 1st transaction onwards.


These charges will be applicable on both the add-on and the primary credit card. Also, the 0.75% charge is also applicable on all wallet transactions made with the credit card. 0.75% of the total transaction value, or Rs.1, whichever is higher will be charged on all rental and wallet spends.


Rental transactions are capped at 3 per 30 days period 

Regular Rewards as per variant


1.      Is it possible to pay rent with a credit card?

Yes, some landlords and property management companies now accept credit card payments for rent. However, it's not universally accepted, so inquire with your landlord beforehand.

2.      Are there any fees associated with paying rent with a credit card?

Most landlords may charge a processing fee, typically ranging from 1-3% of the rent amount. Some credit cards might also charge transaction fees, so check your card's terms and conditions.

3.      What are the benefits of paying rent with a credit card?

·         Earn rewards: You can accumulate points, miles, or cashback depending on your card's rewards program.

·         Build credit: Timely rent payments on your credit card statement can positively impact your credit score.

·         Convenience: Credit card payments offer easier tracking and record-keeping compared to cash or checks.

4.      Are there any drawbacks to paying rent with a credit card?

·         Fees: Remember the processing and potential transaction fees.

·         Debt accumulation: Overspending and carrying a balance on your credit card can incur high interest charges.

·         Financial strain: Consider if you can comfortably afford the rent amount without impacting your other financial obligations.

5.      How do I pay rent with a credit card?

There are several ways:

·         Online platforms: Some landlords use online payment platforms that accept credit cards.

·         Phone payments: Some property management companies may accept phone payments with credit cards.

·         Third-party services: Certain apps and services facilitate credit card rent payments, often with associated fees.

6.      Can I dispute rent charges on a credit card?

Yes, if you encounter issues with the rental property or incorrect charges, you may be able to dispute the transaction with your credit card issuer. However, consult your card's terms and conditions and document the issue with your landlord first.

7.      Does paying rent with a credit card count towards minimum spending requirements?

Yes, rent payments typically apply towards minimum spending requirements for welcome bonuses or other card benefits.

8.      Is it safe to pay rent with a credit card?

Generally, yes, as long as you choose a secure platform and avoid sharing your card information through unsecured channels. Use your credit card's fraud protection features and stay vigilant about unauthorized transactions.

9.      Should I always pay rent with a credit card?

Weigh the potential benefits and fees carefully. Decide if the rewards outweigh the costs and ensure you can manage your credit card responsibly. Consider alternative payment methods if credit card usage might lead to financial struggles.

10.  Where can I find more information about paying rent with a credit card?

Contact your landlord or property management company to inquire about their payment options. Additionally, research secure online platforms and consult your credit card issuer's guidelines for card-specific requirements and benefits.


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