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Adani One Credit Card v. Tata Neu Credit Card

Adani One Credit Card v. Tata Neu Plus HDFC Credit Card

In today's dynamic financial landscape, choosing the right credit card can significantly impact your financial health and lifestyle. With numerous options available, it's crucial to make an informed decision that aligns with your spending habits and financial goals. Among the multitude of choices, the Adani One Credit Card and the Tata Neu Plus HDFC Credit Card stand out as two prominent contenders, each offering a unique blend of benefits and features.

The Adani One Credit Card, launched by the Adani Group, aims to provide a seamless and rewarding experience, especially for frequent travelers and shoppers. It boasts a range of perks, including travel discounts, shopping rewards, and exclusive access to Adani’s ecosystem of services. On the other hand, the Tata Neu Plus HDFC Credit Card, a collaboration between Tata Group and HDFC Bank, promises a comprehensive rewards program tailored for the modern consumer. This card offers robust benefits across various categories such as shopping, dining, travel, and entertainment, leveraging the extensive Tata Neu ecosystem.

In this comparative analysis, we will delve into the features, benefits, and potential drawbacks of both credit cards. By the end, you will have a clearer understanding of which card might better suit your financial needs and lifestyle preferences.

Detailed Comparison

Credit cards have become an essential financial tool for many, offering convenience, rewards, and sometimes, a status symbol. In India, two notable options are the Adani One Credit Card and the Tata Neu Plus HDFC Credit Card. Both cards are co-branded with their respective conglomerates and offer a range of benefits tailored to the spending habits of their customers. Here's a detailed comparison of the two.


Adani One Credit Card



  • High reward points on Adani ecosystem spends, including flights, hotels, and more.

  • Complimentary airport services such as lounge access, porter services, and premium parking at Adani managed airports.

  • Welcome vouchers and significant reward points on card activation.

  • Additional benefits on movie tickets and other spends.



  • High joining and annual fees may not be justifiable for those who do not frequently use the Adani ecosystem.

  • The rewards are heavily skewed towards spending within the Adani network, which may not benefit all users.


Fees & Charges:

  • The Signature variant has a joining and renewal fee of ₹5,000 plus GST, while the Platinum variant is ₹750 plus GST.

  • The cards offer a waiver of the annual fee on reaching a certain spending threshold.


Tata Neu Plus HDFC Credit Card



  • Earn NeuCoins on all spends, which can be redeemed across the Tata ecosystem.

  • Additional NeuCoins on selected categories when using the Tata Neu App.

  • Complimentary domestic lounge access.

  • Lower annual fee compared to the Adani One Credit Card.



  • Rewards are in the form of NeuCoins, which may not appeal to those looking for cashback or direct discounts.

  • Some categories like fuel, wallet loads, and certain bill payments do not earn NeuCoins.


Fees & Charges:

  • An annual fee of ₹499, which can be waived off on spending a specified amount within a year.

  • NeuCoins earned on certain transactions have a monthly cap.


The choice between the Adani One Credit Card and the Tata Neu Plus HDFC Credit Card depends largely on your spending patterns and brand loyalty. If you frequently utilize services within the Adani ecosystem, the Adani One Credit Card could offer more value despite its higher fees. On the other hand, if you prefer a broader range of rewards and a lower fee structure, the Tata Neu Plus HDFC Credit Card might be the better option. Always consider your financial habits and the long-term value a credit card can provide before making a decision. For more detailed information, you can visit the official websites of ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank respectively.


In conclusion, both the Adani One Credit Card and the Tata Neu Plus HDFC Credit Card offer distinct advantages, catering to different customer preferences and lifestyles. The Adani One Credit Card stands out with its robust rewards program focused on Adani group services, offering substantial benefits for frequent users of Adani airports, gas stations, and other affiliated services. Its attractive welcome bonuses and cashback options make it a lucrative choice for those aligned with the Adani ecosystem.

On the other hand, the Tata Neu Plus HDFC Credit Card provides a more diversified rewards structure, appealing to a broader audience. With its extensive tie-ups across various Tata group companies, including retail, hospitality, and digital services, it presents a versatile option for users seeking value across multiple spending categories. The card's additional perks, such as complimentary airport lounge access and fuel surcharge waivers, further enhance its appeal to the frequent traveler and everyday spender alike.

Ultimately, the choice between these two credit cards depends on individual spending habits and brand loyalty. Those heavily engaged with Adani services may find the Adani One Credit Card more rewarding, while those looking for a comprehensive rewards system across diverse sectors may prefer the Tata Neu Plus HDFC Credit Card. By carefully considering these factors, consumers can make an informed decision that best aligns with their financial goals and lifestyle needs.


Adani One ICICI Credit Card

Q: What are the different types of Adani One ICICI Bank Credit Cards?

There are two variants: Adani One Platinum Credit Card and Adani One Signature Credit Card. The Signature card offers higher reward points and more exclusive airport benefits.

Q: How much do the Adani One Credit Cards cost annually?

The annual fees depend on the card variant. Check our website for current fee information.

Q: What kind of rewards do I get with this card?

You earn reward points on your spending. You'll earn bonus points for spending within the Adani One ecosystem (airports, gas stations, electricity bills, etc.) compared to other categories.

Q: How do I redeem my reward points?

Reward points can be redeemed for various options like statement credit, vouchers, or merchandise, as per ICICI Bank's program guidelines.

Q: What are the airport benefits offered with these cards?

The benefits vary depending on the card variant. They can include lounge access, complimentary porter services, and car parking discounts at Adani-managed airports.

Q: Are there any welcome vouchers with these cards?

Yes, both cards offer welcome vouchers upon card activation. The Signature card typically offers a higher value voucher.

Q: How can I apply for an Adani One ICICI Bank Credit Card?

You can apply online through the ICICI Bank website or visit an ICICI Bank branch.

Q: What documents do I need to apply for the card?

You'll need your PAN card, Aadhaar card, and proof of income (salary slips or bank statements). The bank may ask for additional documents depending on your profile.

Q: Can I use video KYC to complete my application?

Yes, both video KYC and in-person KYC options are available for verification.

Q: How long does it take to get the card after applying?

The processing time can vary depending on your application and verification. In some cases, approval can be as quick as 30 minutes.

TATA Neu Plus HDFC Credit Card

Q: What are the joining and annual fees for the TATA Neu Plus HDFC Credit Card?

The joining fee is ₹499 + GST and the renewal fee is ₹499 + GST for each year you hold the card.

Q: How can I earn NeuCoins with the TATA Neu Plus HDFC Credit Card?

You can earn NeuCoins on your spending with the card. You'll earn:

  • 7% back in NeuCoins (including an additional 5% via NeuPass membership) on spending at select Tata brands (e.g., bigbasket, Croma, Westside)

  • 2% back in NeuCoins on spending at other partner Tata brands (when not using EMI)

  • 1% back in NeuCoins on all other spending (except fuel, government payments, etc.)

Q: What are NeuCoins and how can I redeem them?

NeuCoins are like reward points earned through your TATA Neu Plus HDFC Credit Card. They are worth ₹1 each and can be redeemed for purchases across various Tata brands on the Tata Neu app.

Q: What are the benefits of NeuPass membership?

NeuPass is a complimentary loyalty program that unlocks additional benefits for your TATA Neu Plus HDFC Credit Card. This includes the extra 5% NeuCoins back on select Tata brands.

Q: Does the TATA Neu Plus HDFC Credit Card offer any airport lounge access?

Yes, you get complimentary access to 4 domestic airport lounges per year.

Q: Does the card offer any fuel surcharge waiver?

Yes, you get a 1% fuel surcharge waiver on your fuel transactions, up to a maximum of ₹250 per statement cycle.

Q: Are there any welcome benefits associated with the card?

Yes, you will receive a welcome bonus of 499 NeuCoins upon completing your first transaction with the card.

Q: What are the eligibility criteria for applying for the TATA Neu Plus HDFC Credit Card?

The eligibility criteria for the card can vary depending on your income and credit history. It's best to check with HDFC Bank directly for the latest requirements.

Q: How can I track my NeuCoins balance and transaction history?

You can view your NeuCoins balance and transaction history within the Tata Neu app.

Q: How do I make a payment for my TATA Neu Plus HDFC Credit Card bill?

You can make payments for your credit card bill through various methods, including online banking, mobile banking apps, NEFT/RTGS, or by visiting an HDFC Bank branch.




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