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Standard Chartered EaseMyTrip Credit Card Review

Standard Chartered EaseMyTrip Credit Card

The Standard Chartered EaseMyTrip Credit Card is a viable competitor in the credit card market since it allows users to access a world of travel rewards and financial convenience. This card has drawn a lot of interest from both frequent travelers and money aficionados due to its distinctive combination of travel benefits, exclusive privileges, and easy banking features. We explore in-depth the features, advantages, and disadvantages of the Standard Chartered EaseMyTrip Credit Card in this thorough review to give you all the information you need to decide if this card is the best choice for your spending habits and aspirations. Come along as we work our way through the complexities of this cutting-edge financial instrument and see how it might improve your travel and banking experiences.

Features and Benefits

In partnership with the online travel company EaseMyTrip, Standard Chartered Bank has launched the Standard Chartered EaseMyTrip Credit Card. The Standard Chartered EaseMyTrip Credit Card offers a plethora of benefits designed for the avid traveler. With this card, you can enjoy a range of features that make traveling more affordable and convenient.

Rebates and Discounts

  • Flat Discounts on Bookings: When you make a variety of travel reservations via EaseMyTrip, you receive instant savings.

  • 20% discount off of hotel reservations made both domestically and abroad (up to Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 10,000, respectively).

  • Get a flat 10% discount when booking domestic as well as international flights (up to Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 5,000, respectively).

  • Discount of Rs. 125 when purchasing bus tickets (minimum booking value of Rs. 500).

Rewards Points

  • Earn 10 reward points for every Rs. 100 spent on hotel and airline reservations made through websites, mobile apps, and other non-EaseMyTrip channels. The total number of monthly reward points you can earn is unlimited.

  • Bonus Benefits: Earn twice as many reward points as you would for every ₹100 you spend on any other retail category (2 reward points equal ₹0.50).

Additional Perks

  • Free Lounge Access: With Priority Pass, take advantage of one free domestic lounge visit each quarter and two free international lounge visits annually.

  • No Minimum Transaction Value Required for Discounts: Unlike certain travel cards, EaseMyTrip gives discounts without requiring you to achieve a minimum transaction value.

  • Renewal Fee Waiver: If you spent Rs. 50,000 or more on your card the year before, you will not be charged the Rs. 350 yearly fee plus GST.

Drawbacks of Standard Chartered EaseMyTrip Credit Card

While the Standard Chartered EaseMyTrip Credit Card offers several travel-related benefits, it also has certain drawbacks.

  • No Welcome Bonus: Unlike many travel cards, EaseMyTrip doesn't offer any welcome bonus points or miles upon card approval.


  • Limited Discount Applicability: You can only avail one discount per month per category (flights, hotels, buses). So, if you use the discount on domestic flights, you can't use it again that month for domestic flights, but you can still use it for international flights or hotels. This can be restrictive for travelers who make frequent bookings within the same category.


  • No Fuel Surcharge Waiver: Unlike some cards that waive the surcharge on fuel purchases made at petrol pumps, the EaseMyTrip card charges a standard 1% fuel surcharge. This adds to the overall cost if you use the card regularly for fuel.


  • No Concierge Services or Travel Insurance: This card lacks the perks offered by some premium travel cards, such as concierge services that can help with travel arrangements or emergency situations. It also doesn't include complimentary travel insurance, which might be important for some travelers seeking coverage for unforeseen events.


  • Charges for Add-on Cards:  An add-on card for a family member or friend comes with a fee of Rs. 350, which can add to the annual cost of maintaining the card.


  • High-Interest Rates: As with most credit cards, the EaseMyTrip card charges a high-interest rate on outstanding balances (3.75% per month). It's important to pay your balance in full each month to avoid accruing interest charges.


  • Foreign Currency Markup Fee: A 3.5% fee is applied to transactions made in foreign currency, which can add to the cost of international travel.

Application Procedure and Other Requirements

Applying for the Standard Chartered EaseMyTrip Credit Card is a straightforward process that can be completed online with ease. To begin, you'll need to visit the official Standard Chartered website and navigate to the credit card section. Here, you'll find the EaseMyTrip Credit Card listed among other available cards.

Eligibility Criteria:

Before you apply, ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria which typically include:

  • Age requirement: You must be between 21 and 65 years of age.

  • Income requirement: A steady source of income, either from employment or self-employment.

  • Credit score: A good credit score is essential as it reflects your creditworthiness.


Documents Required:

The documents required for the application are standard and include:

  • Identity proof: A copy of your PAN card or Aadhaar card.

  • Address proof: Recent utility bills or passport as proof of address.

  • Income proof: Latest salary slips or tax returns to verify your income.


Application Process:

Once you have all your documents ready, follow these steps:

  • Fill out the application form with your personal, professional, and financial details.

  • Upload the necessary documents directly on the website.

  • Review your application before submitting it for processing.


After submission, the bank will review your application and documents. If everything is in order, they will proceed with the credit evaluation process. Upon approval, your Standard Chartered EaseMyTrip Credit Card will be dispatched to your registered address.


Remember to read all terms and conditions associated with the credit card usage carefully before applying. This ensures that you are fully aware of all fees, charges, and benefits associated with the card.


To sum up, the Standard Chartered EaseMyTrip Credit Card appears to be a strong option for people looking for a combination of financial ease and travel benefits. This card is a viable option for optimizing benefits and streamlining transactions, thanks to its range of special deals on travel and lodging as well as its easy-to-use banking functions. To make sure it matches your lifestyle and financial objectives, you must, however, balance the advantages against any potential disadvantages, such as annual fees and qualifying requirements. In the end, the Standard Chartered EaseMyTrip Credit Card can improve both your financial management and travel experiences, regardless of how often you travel. As with any financial choice, careful planning and consideration of your unique needs are essential. With the Standard Chartered EaseMyTrip Credit Card, discover the possibilities, take advantage of the chances, and start your journey towards smarter banking.

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Q: What is the Standard Chartered-EaseMyTrip Credit Card?

The Standard Chartered-EaseMyTrip Credit Card is a co-branded credit card collaboration between Standard Chartered Bank and EaseMyTrip. It offers exclusive travel benefits, combining discounts with reward points, making it one of the most rewarding travel credit cards.

Q: How can I apply for the Standard Chartered-EaseMyTrip Credit Card?

To apply for the Standard Chartered-EaseMyTrip Credit Card, you can visit the official website of Standard Chartered Bank and apply for this card from there.

Q: What makes this credit card ideal for travel?

The Standard Chartered-EaseMyTrip credit card provides the following exclusive travel benefits:

Instant discount while booking hotel, airline, and bus tickets on the EaseMyTrip website/app.

Accelerated rewards for booking hotel and airline tickets directly.

Complimentary domestic and international lounge access.

Q: What are the annual fees for this credit card?

The annual fee for the first year is Rs 350 + GST, and from the second year onwards, it’s the same amount. However, the renewal fee will be reversed for clients with spends greater than or equal to Rs 50,000 in the previous year.

Q: When can customers earn 10 reward points on this credit card?

Customers earn 10 reward points for every Rs 100 spent on booking airline tickets and hotel reservations directly through standalone airline or hotel websites/apps (not aggregators).

Q: On which airline or hotel websites/apps can customers earn 10 reward points?

Customers are eligible for 10 reward points on purchases made at websites/apps recognized as standalone airlines and hotels based on merchant category codes assigned by Visa. Standard Chartered Bank is not responsible for rewards on other platforms.

Q: Are there reward points for other types of spending?

Yes, customers can earn 2 reward points for every Rs 100 spent on all other retail categories except airline and hotel bookings, returned purchases, unauthorized transactions, finance charges, and cash withdrawals.

Q: Is there a cap on reward points?

There is no monthly cap on reward points earned with the Standard Chartered EaseMyTrip credit card.

Q: What is the expiry period for reward points?

Reward points earned on the EaseMyTrip credit card expire within 2 years from the date they are earned.

Q: Does this credit card offer a fuel surcharge waiver?

Unfortunately, the information provided does not mention a fuel surcharge waiver for this credit card. For specific details, I recommend checking the official Standard Chartered website or contacting their customer service.



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