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Scapia Credit Card v. Axis Atlas Credit Card - Which Is A Better Travel Credit Card

Calling all travel enthusiasts! Choosing the perfect credit card for your wanderlust can be a battlefield, especially when two formidable contenders like the Axis Atlas Credit Card and the Scapia Credit Card from Federal Bank enter the ring. Both promise exciting rewards and travel privileges, but who reigns supreme? Let's dive into a detailed comparison to find your travel companion champion.

Scapia Credit Card

The Scapia Credit Card, is co-branded offering by Federal Bank and Scapia. This card is tailor-made for passionate travelers who dream of exploring new horizons and collecting experiences, not just souvenirs.


Earning Rewards on Every Rupee:


Unlike traditional cards that reward you with air miles or points locked into specific programs, the Scapia Credit Card offers a refreshing twist. Here, you earn Scapia Coins on every transaction, regardless of the amount or category. These coins act as your universal travel currency, redeemable for a wide range of exciting options:


Flight tickets: Book your dream flights to any corner of the world using your accumulated Scapia Coins.

Hotels and stays: Choose from over 5 lakh hotels, resorts, and homestays across the globe, all within reach with your Scapia Coins.

Travel experiences: Elevate your journeys with unique experiences like adventure activities, cultural tours, and spa treatments, all bookable with your Scapia Coins.

Benefits Beyond Rewards:


The Scapia Credit Card isn't just about racking up rewards; it's about making your travel journey seamless and enjoyable. Here are some additional perks you can look forward to:


Zero forex markup fees: Say goodbye to hidden charges on your international transactions. The Scapia Credit Card lets you swipe freely without worrying about inflated currency conversions.

Unlimited domestic lounge access: Relax in comfort and style at airport lounges across India with a minimum monthly spend of Rs. 5,000.

Digital-first experience: Enjoy a quick and paperless application process through the Scapia app. Get instant access to a virtual card and receive your physical card within a few days.

Lifetime free card: Ditch the annual fees! The Scapia Credit Card is yours for life, as long as you keep using it actively.

Is the Scapia Credit Card Right for You?


If you're a frequent traveler who loves exploring new destinations and collecting memories, then the Scapia Credit Card is definitely worth considering. It's also ideal for young millennials and Gen Z who prioritize travel experiences over material possessions.

Axis Atlas Credit Card

If you're looking for a travel credit card that truly understands this yearning for exploration, look no further than the Axis Atlas Credit Card.


Earning EDGE Miles That Take You Farther:


Unlike traditional air miles locked into specific programs, the Axis Atlas Credit Card rewards you with EDGE Miles, a flexible currency that lets you choose your own travel destiny. Earn EDGE Miles on every transaction:


  • 2 EDGE Miles per Rs. 100 spent: Every swipe, big or small, adds to your travel fund.

  • 5 EDGE Miles per Rs. 100 spent on travel: Fuel your wanderlust with accelerated miles on flights, hotels, and travel bookings.

Bonus Miles: Get 5,000 bonus EDGE Miles on your first transaction within 30 days and up to 10,000 EDGE Miles on completing your card anniversary year.

Soaring to Higher Tiers with Exclusive Benefits:


The Atlas Card isn't just about miles; it's about unlocking a world of travel privileges. As you spend more, you climb the tier ladder, granting access to even more exciting perks:


  • Silver Tier: Welcome aboard with 4 international and 8 domestic lounge visits, 1% fuel surcharge waiver, and complimentary accident insurance.

  • Gold Tier (achieved at Rs. 7.5 lakh annual spend): Elevate your experience with complimentary airport meet and greet, priority check-in, and access to partner spas and restaurants.

  • Platinum Tier (achieved at Rs. 15 lakh annual spend): Luxuriate in 6 international and 12 domestic lounge visits, complimentary travel insurance, and bonus EDGE Miles on milestone spends.

Beyond Miles: A Plethora of Travel Perks:


The Atlas Card isn't just a miles machine; it's your travel companion, offering a bouquet of benefits to enhance your journeys:


  • Airport lounge access: Relax in comfort at domestic and international lounges with your complimentary visits or discounted entry.

  • Travel insurance: Get comprehensive travel insurance with coverage for trip cancellation, medical emergencies, and baggage loss.

  • Dining delights: Savor exclusive discounts at partner restaurants across India.

  • Fuel surcharge waiver: Save on fuel costs with a 1% waiver on fuel transactions at select pumps.

Is the Axis Atlas Card Your Perfect Travel Partner?


If you're a frequent traveler who craves flexibility and control over your travel rewards, the Axis Atlas Credit Card is a strong contender.

Which Is Better

Reward Program:

  • Axis Atlas: Earns 2 EDGE Miles per Rs. 100 spent, doubling to 5 EDGE Miles on travel bookings. EDGE Miles offer flexibility, redeemable for flights on any airline, hotels of any brand, and even unique travel experiences.

  • Scapia: Rewards you with Scapia Coins on every transaction, regardless of amount or category. These coins act as your universal travel currency, redeemable for flights, hotels, and travel activities across a vast network.


  • Axis Atlas: Wins in flexibility, offering the freedom to redeem EDGE Miles on any airline or hotel, without restrictions or blackout dates.

  • Scapia: While covering a wide range of redemption options, it might feel slightly less flexible due to its reliance on specific partners within each category.

Tier Benefits:

  • Axis Atlas: Climbs the tier ladder (Silver, Gold, Platinum) for additional perks like lounge access, priority boarding, and travel insurance, scaling with annual spend.

  • Scapia: Offers a single card with no tiered system, providing consistent benefits like unlimited domestic lounge access and zero forex markup fees.

Other Perks:

  • Axis Atlas: Boasts features like complimentary accident insurance, contactless payments, and 24/7 customer support.

  • Scapia: Counters with a quick and paperless application process, instant virtual card access, and lifetime free membership without annual fees.

Annual Fees:

  • Axis Atlas: Charges an annual fee of Rs. 499, waived for the first year.

  • Scapia: Enjoys the advantage of being completely free, with no annual or joining fees.

Target Audience:

  • Axis Atlas: Suits frequent travelers who value flexibility, prioritize diverse travel experiences, and appreciate tier benefits.

  • Scapia: Caters to budget-conscious globetrotters who prefer simplicity, focus on flight & hotel bookings, and seek a free card with essential travel perks.


Choosing between Atlas and Scapia depends on your individual travel style and priorities. If flexibility and diverse redemption options are key, Atlas edges ahead. For budget-conscious travelers seeking simplicity and essential perks with a free card, Scapia emerges as the champion. Ultimately, the true winner is you, armed with the knowledge to choose the card that fuels your travel dreams!

Bonus Tips:

  • Consider your average monthly spend and preferred travel habits to weigh the value proposition of each card.

  • Evaluate the reward redemption networks and partners offered by each card to see which aligns with your preferred travel brands.

  • Don't forget to factor in fees, like forex markup or annual charges, when making your decision.

Happy travels, and may your adventures be filled with rewarding experiences!

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