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ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card Benefits

ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card Review

The ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card is designed to cater to the discerning needs of affluent consumers, offering an array of premium benefits that go beyond mere transactional convenience. As one of the flagship products in ICICI Bank’s credit card portfolio, the Sapphiro card provides a blend of luxury, rewards, and security, making it an ideal choice for those who seek to elevate their lifestyle. This introductory blog post will delve into the myriad advantages that come with the ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card, highlighting how it stands out in the competitive landscape of high-end credit cards.

Cardholders can look forward to an enriched travel experience with complimentary access to airport lounges, exclusive concierge services, and travel insurance coverage, ensuring peace of mind during journeys. The card also offers robust reward programs, where users can earn and redeem points on a variety of purchases, including dining, shopping, and entertainment. Furthermore, lifestyle privileges such as complimentary golf rounds, movie tickets, and dining discounts add to the card’s appeal.

Security is paramount with the ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card, featuring advanced chip and PIN technology and fraud protection measures. This introduction aims to provide a glimpse into the exceptional benefits of the ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card, setting the stage for a detailed exploration of its features and advantages.

Features and Benefits

The ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card is a premium offering from ICICI Bank, designed to cater to the lifestyle needs of its users with a host of benefits and features. This card is particularly tailored for those who seek luxury and convenience in their financial transactions, travel, and entertainment experiences.

Features of the ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card:

1. Complimentary Airport Lounge Access: Cardholders enjoy complimentary access to select airport lounges in India, allowing for a more relaxed travel experience.

2. Golf Privileges: The card offers up to four complimentary rounds of golf every month, depending on the eligible spends, providing a delightful experience for golf enthusiasts.

3. Entertainment Benefits: With the Sapphiro Credit Card, users can avail of a discount of up to Rs 500 on the second movie/event ticket, twice every month through partner platforms.

4. Reward Points: The card rewards spending with points that can be redeemed for a variety of options. For every Rs 100 spent domestically, 2 reward points are earned, while international spends fetch 4 reward points. Utility and insurance payments earn 1 reward point per Rs 100 spent.

5. Dreamfolks Programme: Cardholders receive complimentary membership to the Dreamfolks Programme, which includes two international airport lounge visits and two domestic airport spa visits per calendar year.

6. Insurance Benefits: The card provides insurance benefits, offering protection and peace of mind to the user.

7. Concierge Services: 24x7 concierge services are available, assisting with travel, dining, and other lifestyle needs.

Benefits of the ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card:

1. Travel in Comfort: The complimentary lounge access and spa visits under the Dreamfolks Programme make traveling a more comfortable and luxurious experience.

2. Rewards and Savings: The reward points system incentivizes spending and can lead to significant savings when redeemed. Additionally, the anniversary bonus of up to 20,000 reward points encourages continued use of the card.

3. Lifestyle Privileges: Discounts on movies and events, as well as golfing benefits, cater to the cardholder's entertainment and leisure pursuits.

4. Financial Security: The insurance coverage provided adds a layer of financial security for the cardholder, covering various unforeseen events.

5. Exclusive Services: The concierge services offer a touch of exclusivity and personal assistance, enhancing the overall card usage experience.

The ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card stands out as a comprehensive financial tool for those who value a blend of luxury, convenience, and rewards in their daily lives. Its array of features and benefits align well with the needs of discerning customers who desire a premium experience from their credit card.

Potential Drawbacks

The ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card, part of ICICI Bank's Gemstone collection, is positioned as a premium offering with a range of benefits designed to appeal to a discerning clientele. However, like any financial product, it comes with its own set of potential drawbacks that users should consider before opting in.

High Joining and Annual Fees

One of the primary concerns for potential cardholders is the cost associated with the card. The ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card carries a joining fee of ₹6,500 plus GST and an annual fee of ₹3,500 plus GST. These fees are relatively high compared to other cards in the market, which may offer similar benefits at a lower cost.

Reward Rate and Redemption

The reward rate offered by the ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card is another point of contention. With a return of 0.25% to 1% on purchases, the card's reward rate is not as competitive as some of its counterparts. Additionally, the switch from Payback reward points to ICICI Bank's own reward system has raised concerns about the transparency of points earned per transaction and the redemption process.

Milestone Rewards

The milestone rewards provided by the card may not be compelling enough to justify the spending required to attain them. For instance, earning 4,000 reward points requires spending ₹4 lakh in a membership year, which only yields a return of approximately 0.25%.

Lounge Access Limitations

While the card offers complimentary access to railway and airport lounges, the benefit is limited to one-time access per quarter, which may not suffice for frequent travelers. Moreover, supplementary cardholders do not receive the same insurance and lounge benefits, which diminishes the card's value for family members.

High Spend Requirement for Fee Waiver

To have the annual fee waived, cardholders must spend a significant amount—₹6 lakhs—which is a steep requirement that may not be feasible for all users.

Specificity of Offers

The card's offers are often tied to specific merchants, which may limit the flexibility and usability of the benefits for some cardholders. While this can be advantageous during certain sales or promotions, it may not provide consistent value throughout the year.

Customer Feedback

User reviews and feedback on various platforms indicate mixed feelings about the card's value proposition. Some users find the card overhyped and question the premium status given the reward structure and benefits.


In conclusion, the ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card emerges as a premium financial product tailored for individuals who seek luxury, convenience, and substantial rewards. Its dual card structure, incorporating both Visa and MasterCard variants, ensures broad acceptance and flexibility, making it ideal for both domestic and international usage. The card's reward program is particularly compelling, with accelerated points on key spending categories such as dining, groceries, and travel, enabling cardholders to earn and redeem points efficiently.

The Sapphiro Credit Card is distinguished by its extensive lifestyle benefits, including complimentary airport lounge access, rounds of golf, and entertainment offers, which significantly enhance the cardholder's lifestyle. Additionally, the card offers robust travel insurance, concierge services, and comprehensive fraud protection, underscoring its commitment to security and customer service excellence.

Financially, the ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card is competitive, with attractive interest rates and manageable fees, making it a viable option for those who seek value without compromising on premium features. The card's blend of luxury perks, practical rewards, and strong security features make it a versatile choice for discerning consumers.

In essence, the ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card is more than just a payment tool; it is a lifestyle companion that enriches its users' overall financial and personal experience, making it a smart choice for those aiming to elevate their spending experience.


Q: What are the reward points benefits with the ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card?

The ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card offers a milestone reward program. You earn points on your spending, with bonus points for exceeding certain spending thresholds annually. However, rent payments and e-wallet reloads no longer earn points as of February 5th, 2024.

Q: What are the fees associated with the ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card?

The card has a joining fee and an annual fee. The joining fee can be waived if you spend above Rs. 6 lakhs in the previous year. The annual fee is also waived if you meet the same spending criteria. There are additional charges for cash advances, foreign currency transactions, late payments, etc.

Q: Does the ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card offer airport lounge access?

Yes, the card provides complimentary access to domestic airport lounges. You get four complimentary visits per quarter (two per variant) provided you spend a minimum of Rs. 5,000 in that quarter. Additional visits are charged a separate fee.

Q: What kind of insurance coverage does the ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card offer?

The card offers certain complimentary insurance benefits like purchase protection, lost card liability cover, and account takeover cover. However, these benefits are only applicable if you use the card at least once every 60 days and only on the primary card, not add-on cards.

Q: Are there any fuel-related benefits with the ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card?

Yes, you can enjoy a 1% fuel surcharge waiver on fuel transactions up to Rs. 4,000 at any petrol pump.

Q: What are some welcome benefits offered with the ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card?

The card offers welcome vouchers worth over Rs. 9,000 on paying the joining fee. These vouchers typically cover shopping and travel categories.

Q: How can I convert my purchases into EMIs with the ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card?

You can convert retail transactions of Rs. 1,500 and above into EMIs within 30 days of purchase. The tenures available can be 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, or 24 months. Cash advances, jewelry, and fuel purchases are not eligible for EMI conversion.

Q: What are the spending requirements to waive the annual fee for the ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card?

You need to spend more than Rs. 6 lakhs in the previous year to avoid paying the annual fee.

Q: How do I track my ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card reward points?

You can track your reward points through the ICICI Bank website or mobile app. These platforms allow you to monitor your points balance and explore redemption options.

Q: What happens if I forget my ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card PIN?

You can request a new PIN through the ICICI Bank website, mobile app, or by contacting customer care. They will send you a new PIN via secure channels.



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