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This Credit Card Gives 7% Off On All OLA Rides Forever

In the bustling cityscape, where convenience reigns supreme, hailing a cab can be more than just a ride – it's a statement. And for those who find themselves frequently traversing the urban jungle on Ola cabs, the OLA Money SBI Credit Card emerges as a potential travel companion, promising to not only be your chariot, but also your loyal reward dispenser. But is this card merely a flashy paint job, or a powerful engine humming with hidden benefits? Let's buckle up and take a deep dive into the world of the OLA Money SBI Credit Card, decoding its features, perks, and potential drawbacks to help you decide if it deserves a space in your wallet.

Fueling Your Rides:

  • 7% Cashback: Your daily commute becomes a treasure hunt! Every Ola ride and Ola Postpaid transaction translates to a whopping 7% cashback, effectively pumping up your savings with every tap of your card.

  • Double Down with NeuPass: Feeling ambitious? Opt for the "NeuPass" subscription within the Tata Neu app and watch your Ola cashback soar to a glorious 10%. Just imagine, every ride could be a mini financial vacation!

Beyond the Wheels:

  • 1% Fuel Surcharge Waiver: Say goodbye to pesky fuel surcharges at Indian pumps! Filling up your tank above Rs. 500 with this card in hand lets you breathe easy while your wallet feels lighter (in a good way).

  • 1% Cashback on Everything Else: The rewards don't stop at Ola. Every non-e-wallet transaction earns you 1% cashback, adding a sprinkle of savings to your everyday purchases.

  • Exclusive Travel Offers: Cleartrip offers become your playground with this card. Access hand-picked flight and hotel deals, turning your budget travel dreams into reality.

A VIP Pass to the OLAverse:

  • Zero Joining Fee: The party starts without an entry fee! Enjoy the benefits of this card from the get-go without worrying about a joining charge.

  • Annual Fee Waiver: Keep the ride free-flowing! Spend Rs. 1 lakh in a year and say goodbye to the annual fee (Rs. 499 + GST).

  • Renewal Fee Reversal: Even renewal gets a makeover! Spend Rs. 1 lakh in the final year before renewal and watch the renewal fee (Rs. 499 + GST) vanish like magic.

  • Airport Lounge Access: Take the edge off those pre-flight jitters with complimentary access to domestic airport lounges (1 per quarter). Your Ola ride might end, but the comfort doesn't!

A Few Bumps in the Road:

  • Limited Scope: While the OLA rewards are enticing, the lower 1% cashback outside Ola and partner brands might not excite everyone. Compare with cards offering broader reward categories if variety is your mantra.

  • NeuPass Subscription: The 10% Ola cashback requires the "NeuPass" subscription within the Tata Neu app, which comes with its own fee. Weigh the additional cost against the increased rewards to see if it's a smooth or bumpy ride for you.

  • E-wallet Loading Exclusion: E-wallet enthusiasts, take note! Cashback is not offered on loading money into e-wallets.

The Verdict: A Rewarding Choice for Frequent Ola Flyers

The OLA Money SBI Credit Card undoubtedly caters to those who find themselves hailing Ola cabs more often than they order pizza. The generous 7% cashback on Ola rides, coupled with additional perks like free airport lounge access and fuel surcharge waiver, makes it a compelling option for frequent ride-sharers. However, the limited scope of rewards outside Ola and the potential extra cost of the "NeuPass" subscription require careful consideration.

Ultimately, the decision to embrace the OLA Money SBI Credit Card depends on your individual travel habits, preferred reward categories, and budget. If Ola is your preferred steed in the urban jungle, this card might be the perfect fuel injection for your wallet. But if you value versatility and broader reward categories, other cards might be worth exploring.

Bonus Tip: Maximize your savings by combining Ola Money SBI Credit Card with Ola Postpaid. This allows you to pay for your rides later, potentially extending your interest-free period and accumulating additional reward points!

Remember, responsible credit card usage is key. Always spend within your means and pay your bills on time to keep the financial engine of this card purring smoothly. So, buckle up, choose your route wisely, and conquer the ridesharing highway with the OLA Money SBI Credit Card – if it aligns with your financial journey, that is!


1. Who can get the OLA Money SBI Credit Card?

You need to be:

  • Above 18 years old

  • An Indian resident with valid ID and PAN documents

  • Employed with a minimum annual income (varies based on city and banking relationship).

2. What's the joining fee and annual fee?

There's no joining fee! But an annual fee of Rs. 499 + GST applies. You can waive it by spending Rs. 1 lakh in a year. The renewal fee is also Rs. 499 + GST, but spending Rs. 1 lakh before renewal makes it vanish too.

3. How much cashback do I get on Ola rides?

You get a massive 7% cashback on all Ola rides and Ola Postpaid transactions! Feeling ambitious? Opt for the "NeuPass" subscription within the Tata Neu app and your Ola cashback skyrockets to 10%.

4. Do I get any rewards on other spending?

Yes, you do! For all non-e-wallet transactions, you earn a standard 1% cashback. So, every swipe adds a little sprinkle of savings to your everyday purchases.

5. Are there any other card benefits besides cashback?

Of course! You get:

  • 1% fuel surcharge waiver on transactions above Rs. 500 at Indian pumps.

  • Exclusive travel offers on Cleartrip, including discounted flights and hotels.

  • Free access to domestic airport lounges (1 per quarter).

  • Add-on cards for family members (chargeable).

6. What's the catch? Are there any hidden charges?

While the annual fee is waived with sufficient spending, remember there's a Rs. 99 fee per redemption transaction for your accumulated NeuCoins. Consider this when calculating your overall benefits.

7. Does the card work outside India?

Yes, it's an international card accepted at over 24 million outlets worldwide, including 3,25,000 outlets in India. But overseas transactions might incur currency conversion charges.

8. Can I use the card for e-wallet transactions?

You can use the card to pay for things through e-wallets, but you won't earn cashback on the wallet loading itself. Cashback applies only to purchases made using the wallet balance.

9. How do I manage my OLA Money SBI Credit Card?

You can easily manage your card through the SBI Cards app or website. Check your balance, track rewards, pay bills, and even request add-on cards, all at your fingertips.

10. Is the OLA Money SBI Credit Card right for me?

It depends on your spending habits! If you're an Ola devotee who loves cashback and airport lounge access, this card could be your perfect travel companion. But if you value broader reward categories and minimal fees, it might be worth exploring other options.

Remember, compare features, fees, and terms before choosing a card. And always spend responsibly to maximize your rewards and keep your financial engine purring smoothly.

Happy riding and rewarding with the OLA Money SBI Credit Card!

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